Aluoflower TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver Super Silence Module Heat Sink for 3D Printer Parts


100% brand new and high quality.
Drive current algorithm and regulation.
1. drive current algorithm: i=Vref*1.9/2.5, the default Vref about 0.65v, so the default current 0.5A, the maximum current 1A
2. Vref measurement of Gnd and potentiometer intermediate voltage.
3. Don’t connect to the motor when measuring voltage, otherwise it is easy to burn the drivers.
4. the measurement of the voltage should be switched on. Don’t just connect the USB power supply.
Attention: please put TMC2100 drivers in the correct direction on the board.

Use of the TMC2100 drive module:
1. When use in the Ramps1.4 or MKS Gen, or Lerdge touch screen motherboard, please remove the 3 jumper cap under the socket.
2. Please pay attention to direction.
3. The heat sink directly attached to the PCB.
4. The motor direction is opposite to that of A4988 and DRV8825, please adjust the firmware or adjust the motor wiring if you want to change to 4988.
And if you use the Lerdge motherboard, please set the direction directly in the setting page of direction of the motor.

Name: TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver
Color: White + Blue
Size: 2×1.5×1.2cm / 0.79×0.59×0.47in (Approx.)
Heat Sink size: 1.2×0.9×1.2cm/0.47×0.35×0.47in (Approx.)
Application: 3D printing
Quantity: 1PC (other accessories demo in the picture is not included)

Package includes:
1 X TMC2100 Stepper Module With Heat Sink

Product Features

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Super silence in working.
  • Drive current algorithm: i=Vref*1.9/2.5, the default Vref about 0.65v, the default current 0.5A, the maximum current 1A
  • Size: 2×1.5×1.2cm / 0.79×0.59×0.47in (Approx.)
  • Heat Sink size: 1.2×0.9×1.2cm/0.47×0.35×0.47in

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34 pc 3D Pen Filament Refills ABS | 680 Linear Feet | 1.75mm ABS Pack of 34 Different Colors (4 Glow in the Dark) | Artist Quality 3D Printing Material Super Fun Pack | 20′ Per Color | SmashZen

Unleash your inner artist with our Artist Grade 3D Printing Pen Filament Refill Collection!

At SmashZen, we know that while some of the best art is serendipitous, sometimes you don’t want to leave your color palette up to chance. Our 3D ABS refill pack has 34 different shades for every 3D drawing project you can dream up. 4 glow colors light up when exposed to light, perfect for illuminated designs and crafts.

The colors: Glow Blue, Glow Green, Glow Purple, Glow Yellow, White, Flesh, Butterscotch Nougat, Royal Purple, Midnight Blue, Barbie Pink, Golden Bronze, Bubblicious Pink, Stars & Stripes Blue (Fluo), Persimmon Orange, Pewter Silver, Seafoam Green, Fuschia, Slate Grey, Misty Grey, Lilac Purple, Rose Pink, Jungle Green, Royal Blue, Licorice Red, Chocolate Brown, Lemon Yellow, Neon Orange (Fluo), Chestnut Brown, Spring Grass Green, Pitch Black, Parakeet Blue, Neon Green (Fluo), Clementine Orange, Neon Yellow (Fluo).

More coloring options mean more 3D creative crafts!

Inspire Creativity & Improve Spatial Understanding With A SmashZen 3D Printing Pen Filament Refill Set!

With our filament refill strands, you & your kids can literally scribble in the air!

Create a dragon, a robot, the Eiffel tower. The possibilities are endless.

Made from high quality ABS materials, our filaments are compatible with 3D drawing pens that require 1.75 mm filaments. Note: This filament is not compatible with 3Doodler.

Still Not Sure If This 3D Printing Pen Filament Set Is What You Are Looking For?

• Our premium ABS filament refills are the ABSOLUTE best on the market.

• 1.75mm strands, 20 feet long. 34 unique colors. 4 glow in the dark colors. 680 feet filament refills in total.

• Limitless fun, endless 3D pen crafts, enhanced creativity and imagination!

• Create solid and stable structures in a matter of minutes.

What are you waiting for?

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Product Features

  • DRAW IN THE AIR WITH 1.75MM ABS FILAMENTS: Our filament strands work with 3D printer pens which accept 1.75mm diameter filaments. Embark on the art revolution and craft wonderful 3D structures, paintings, and sculptures with our 3D printer pen filament refills. Ideal for 3D printer pen fans, professional designers, hobbyists, artists, adults of all ages, and kids.
  • 34 DESIGNER COLORS & TOTAL OF 680 FEET OF FILAMENT: 34 Colors and 4 GLOW IN THE DARK! Each filament is 20′ long, totaling 580′ of fun! Glow Blue, Glow Green, Glow Purple, Glow Yellow, White, Flesh, Butterscotch Nougat, Purple, Midnight Blue, Barbie Pink, Bronze, Bubblicious Pink, Fluo Blue, Persimmon, Pewter, Seafoam, Fuschia, Slate, Mist, Lilac, Rose, Jungle Green, Royal Blue, Red, Chocolate, Lemon, Neon Orange, Chestnut, Spring Green, Black, Parakeet Blue, Neon Green, Clementine, Neon Yellow.
  • 100% VIRGIN PROFESSIONAL QUALITY GRADE A MATERIAL: Filaments on the market vary widely in terms of quality. SmashZen filaments, created for professional artists and designers, are made to the highest possible standards for the most vibrant color, even texture, consistently smooth finish, and optimum flow through the extruder tube and nozzle. Our quality and color selection is unmatched.
  • AMAZON’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF 1.75MM ABS FILAMENT COLORS IN ONE SET: We spent 4 weeks carefully curating the color selection in this refill set so that you have an artist’s palette of shades to choose from when creating your 3D art. No where else on Amazon can you find a 3D pen filament refill kit that has this variety of colors with this quality and at this price!
  • GET THESE 3D PRINTING PEN REFILLS RISK FREE: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, these 3D art pen filaments are backed by our unconditional money back guarantee policy! All of our sets are vacuum packed and sealed so as to retain ultimate freshness for much longer!

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100PCS 3mm x 1mm N35 Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Magnets by MarbellStore

Description: Name: Magnets Qty: 100PCS OF MAGNETS ONLY Type: Neodymium Diameter: 3mm(±0.1mm) Height: 1mm(±0.1mm) Grade: N35

Product Features

  • Free Shipping by MarbellStore
  • Name: Magnets Qty: 100PCS OF MAGNETS ONLY Type: Neodymium Diameter: 3mm(±0.1mm) Height: 1mm(±0.1mm) Grade: N35
  • Package Included: 100 x Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet

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Xinkebot 3d Printer Orca 1, Super Large Build Size 15.7″x15.7″x17.7″, Metal Frame Structure, 0.05mm Layer Thickness, Single and Dual Extruder with ABS and PLA

ORCA 1, Large Format 3D Printer with Industrial Features

Machine Specification:

Model Name: Xinkebot ORCA 1

Machine Size: 26.7″x24.8″x30.3″(680x630x770mm)

Machine Weight: 40.8 lbs (18.5kg)

Printer Head: Single and Dual Extruder

Voltage Input: 110V AC / 220V AC

Maximum Power: 250W

Print Specification:

Maximum Build Dimensions: 15.7″x15.7″x17.7″(400x400x450mm)

Layer Thickness: 50-300 microns(0.05-0.3mm)

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

Print Speed: 20-180mm/s

Print Plate: Heatable, ≤115℃

Accuracy of Positioning: 2.5 microns(Z); 11 microns(X and Y)

Filament Specification:

Filament Size: 1.75 mm diameter

Compatible Filament: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Wood, Nylon, PETG, Soft and Conductive Filament so on

Software Specification:

Software: Cura, MakerBot Desktop, Slic3r

Supported operating system(s): Windows, Mac, Linux

Connection: USB, SD card

Shipping Specification:

Shipping size: 29.5″x20.4″x9.8″(750x520x250mm)

Shipping weight: 53lbs (24kg)

Product Features

  • Super large build size: 15.7″x15.7″x17.7″(400x400x450mm), provide you much more creation space.
  • Two sets of independent extruder kits can be switched freely according to your demands.
  • Good cooling system, won’t choke nozzle, <1% choke rate, make printing process unobstructed.
  • Extremely stable, >200hrs continuous working time, keep stable precision without recession.
  • high precision: Min.0.05mm layer thickness, makes model more smooth and delicate.

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Crowdfunding Mailbox: Skriware Simplified 3D Printing, Bolo Rolling Knife & Mokacam Super …

Mailbox Port CarlingAfter two years of designing and building, the Skriware 3D printer is ready to go.  And so what? There are tons of 3D printers on the market today. Head on over to Amazon and search and hundreds of printers show up. 3D printing is nearly ubiquitous, so what is so special about Skriware’s design? Well they have decided to make a 3D printer that even your parents could operate.  Yep it is that simple.

3D Printing Examples SkiwareA team based in Stockholm, Sweden, decided to compete in a crowded market by making 3D printing as easy as possible. If you can operate a micro-wave machine, you can print with Skiware. The creators are also simultaneously launching the “Skrimarket”.  An online library of 3D printing designs you can create with a single click. That’s all it takes. Nothing more.  Of course if you want to create your own you are welcome to do so. The overall specs are too shabby either.

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter now, you may purchase a printer for SEK 7830 or about $899. Expected to ship this coming April.

Bolo Round KnifeThe Bolo Knife is a product you would expect to see on QVC or “As Seen on TV”.  Bolo is combining a wheel – with a blade.  Of course, you could purchase a Pizza cutter and use that too but the Bolo is designed to take over from much of your Kitching cutting and chopping.

It minces. It slices. It Dices. Bolo is the creation of Chef Randell,  a product merchandiser based in Montreal.  According to his website, Randell has marketed over 2 million “Turbo Cookers” since 1999 (As Seen on TV).  This appears to be his first attempt to leverage crowdfunding to market and sell a new product. So far this pretail campaign has topped its $22,579 goal with the support of over 1100 backers.  Will we see this on the Home Shopping Network soon?  A Bolo costs just $22. Ships in March of 2016.

MokacamMokacam is marketing itself as the “World’s smallest 4K camera”.  The campaign on Indiegogo hit its $50,000 goal in just 48 hours. To date, the Mokacam has raised over $189,000 from more than 1200 backers. So do you need a 4K camera? At $129 it is pretty hard to go wrong. Mokacam would like to challenge established brand GoPro at a better price point. Mokacam comes with a magnetic mount, a GoPro mount adapter and a waterproof case. It is pretty tiny too at just 45mm x 45mm and only 79 grams. It pairs with an accompanying Android/iOS app and uses wifi to manage your digital files. This GoPro challenger is scheduled to ship this coming February.

Skriware – Home 3D Printing for everyone – Kickstarter

We turn 3D printing into an everyday activity. Our printers enable printing straight from the online marketplace with just one click!

Feel like 3D printing is just too complicated?

No more! It’s high time to end the era of 3D printing as an activity for the chosen ones and make it accessible for everyone. And we mean EVERYONE. After two years of hard work we proudly present our fully functional Skriware 3D printer!

But we didn’t stop there.

We are also developing Skrimarket – an online platform with 3D models waiting to be printed with just one click. Yep, that’s right – no more adjusting, changing or processing the designs to print them!

Meet bolo: The Rolling Knife – Kickstarter

bolo combines two of humanity’s most important inventions to date: the knife & the wheel – creating the perfect Rolling Knife!

It’s simplicity at its best. A knife that rolls easily through your food, giving you precision cutting and incredible power, all in one motion. Perfect dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing each and every time! From cutting carrots – to slicing herbs – to mincing garlic, bolo will quickly become your new favorite companion in the kitchen!

The World’s Smallest 4K Camera – Mokacam – Indiegogo

Compare to GoPro. The only camera with a rotating screen and magnetic snap-on battery.

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