The newest 3D printer control board Rambo control board 3D printer

Rambo (RepRap Arduinoa compatible board) is an integrated motherboard, RAMPS class motherboard has the advantages of convenient use, reliable performance, for the 1.1A version. ATMEGA2560 Atmega32u2 processor compatible Arduino MEGA are compatible with all slope The road. USB and MCU products (Oppm to l accurate timing case) 4 thermal electric jack jump All the pins broke two (Sichuan 32u2 processor allows the AVR programmer, LUFA etc.) 2 channel SDRAMPS compatible SPI breakthrough Motor driver 5 A4982 1/16 Micro Motor Grab actuator (prior to A4984 1/8 to v1.1 (2) Z for joint Prusa. Mendel and other double Z printer design) Digital current control stepper series Trimpot VCC IC drive current limit, to prevent permanent lock The segmentation model through firmware (using any MCU configuration) The driving side pilot control signal The port pins synchronous movement of their ability to step and direction Port additional drivers trigger up to 3 additional Syria actuator (motor block and maximum expansion pin pin assignment extension share for SPI-SS) PWM DC output (extruder, fan etc.) 6 output Low power MOSFET cool running Each channel of the LED light Power With flexible power into the discovery of three independent power supply rail Warm bed, 15A (Il It limited version is less than 1.1 in turn 14A 16V 12-24V fuse positioning) Extruder and fan, 5A 12-24V (the fuse can be changed to the life of up to 10A capacity, 10V-26V) Input voltage 5A 12-24V (auto and logic, the fuse can be changed to up to 10A capacity, 1OV-26V). Input voltage The built-in 5V power generator into 2. PCB 4 layer All the copper layer on the 2oz High quality, high temperature FR4 TG130 PCB business Gold ENIG finishing The liquid crystal display panel support

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