The Simpsons predicted the creation of futuristic gadgets

The Simpsons, an American sitcom of the Fox Broadcasting Company, was said to have predicted the creation of futuristic gadgets.

According to YouTube channel’s Alltime10s, 3D printing of cakes, baby translators, airplane restaurants, auto-correct feature of smartphones and 5 others were few of the gadgets featured by the Fox’s animated sitcom even before these device apps were ever created.

Here are 5 of the gadgets which were featured on the list:

  1. 3D Printing of Cakes

In the 2005 episode of the Simpsons, Future Drama features Marge Simpsons turning a 2D picture into a design of cake. Today, after the advancement of 3D printing, printing of food designs, mainly on cakes, is possible. Developers are also claiming that 3D printing can change the game of the cake-baking industry.

  1. Baby translators

Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes, in the 1992 episode of the Sitcom shows Herb, Homer’s half-brother, invent the translator that was made to help parents understand the babbling of  their infants. In 2009, Biloop Technologic, an app developer, developed an iPhone app similar to Herbs invention. The developer claims that the app can translate an infant’s cry, whether it means that the child is hungry, tired, in pain, or in need of a diaper change.

The said app was created using a database of 200,000 crying sounds coming from 100 new born babies. Research have shown that the app is 92% accurate.

  1. Airplane restaurants

Up and Up and Buffet, an airplane-turned-restaurant was visited by Marge and Homer Simpsons for their wedding anniversary.

An old Boeing KC-97 tanker was turned into the world’s first real airplane restaurant in 2002 by a company in Colorado. The airplane restaurant can seat 42 passengers. It also displays memorabilia, artifacts, and pictures about aviation history.

Similar to this are old ships which are turned into floating restaurants as well as junk buses which are reused as diners.

  1. Auto-correct

In the episode Lisa and Ice, an episode aired over 20 years ago, characters of the Simpsons were already using auto-correct.

Employees of iPhone said that the particular episode influenced the development of Apple’s auto-correct feature and the precision of the iPhone keyboard.

  1. Smartwatches

In one of The Simpson’s episode, which was aired in 1995, the fiancé of Liza Simpsons was seen making a phone call using a ‘smartwatch.

After almost two decades, Samsung and iPhone have engineered smartwatches which can pretty much do what a smartphone can. All other brands has, since then, joined the bandwagon.

(Michaela Andrea M. Tangan)

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