USAFilament 9800426 PLA 3D Printing Filament, 2.2 lb., 3 mm, White Spool

This high quality filament is an effective and affordable solution for your projects. Works with Air wolf 3D, Flash forge Creator, Maker Bot 1, Maker Bot 2X, Printrbot Jr., Project, Rep Rap, Up! 3D, Up! 3D Mini, or Up! 3D Plus. 100% Virgin Material.

Product Features

  • High end filament backed by American 3D printing experts
  • Sealed to avoid dehydration of material and thus a longer shelf life
  • Made with high grade inputs for superior quality
  • Compatible with a variety of printers
  • Recommended Extrusion Temperature 180°C – 210°C (356°F – 410°F)

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3 thoughts on “USAFilament 9800426 PLA 3D Printing Filament, 2.2 lb., 3 mm, White Spool”

  1. Good value for printing – Decent color – Poor fusion Seems to print well on an Ultimaker 2 at 220C temp and 80mm/sHad an issue on one large part that had me concerned until I figured out that the tail end of the PLA goes through a small hole into the spool hub. That small extra was catching on my printers spool holder, so one of the 4 large parts I was making had an error that looked underextruded. Took a while to figure out that it was indeed not getting material because that small bit of PLA was causing the spool not to feed. It…

  2. I’m definitely new to 3d printing in general, so feel free to take this review with a large grain of salt. In fact, I bought this ABS along with a spool of PLA, just to see what difference different plastics made, along with the capabilities of my printer. I’d say it works fine at recommended temperatures, mostly… but even in my small-item test prints, I would see oddities that made me wonder about the consistency of this filament. Usually, they were just odd discolorations or the like, so…

  3. As a part of the Ocean State Maker Mill, I’ve been fortunate to work with lots of other builders as they go about their projects. After printing 12 separate parts for a helmet, the most common comment I hear is, “It’s good your parts are coming out right the first time…” with a little bit of amazement in their voice. I am very happy with this. I followed the manufacturer recommendations on a Makerbot Replicator (Dual), adjusted the extruder temperature settings to 3 degrees below…

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