WINDFORM 3D Printing materials for custom production

The CRP Group’s R&D department developed WINDFORM® laser sintering (LS) materials in the late 90s representing the pioneer of additive manufacturing in Italy. WINDFORM® materials make it possible for laser sintering technology to fabricate high performance parts for wind tunnel applications, as well as highly-functional and beautifully finished parts for multiple applications. 

CRP has developed a wide range of materials under the name of Windform that are polyamide-based reinforced with glass or carbon fibers. They are suitable for a wide range of  applications from motorsports to aerospace, from design to automotive, from packaging to medical devices.

Each material differs for its specific mechanical features.

Windform XT2.0 is considered to be together with Windform SP the top level materials. Both are filled with carbon fibers and have extreme lightness.

While the Windform XT 2.0 is more rigid and with the highest tensile strength among the whole range of Windform materials, the Windform SP (despite the presence of carbon fibers that notoriously stiffen the plastic) is more elastic and therefore it is ductile and it maintains maximum mechanical strength, (slightly less than the XT 2.0).

The most elastic material of the family was launched in February 2012: the Windform GT.

The Windform GT, polyamide-based material filled with glass fibers, is highly elastic, therefore it is suitable in applications where the material must be flexible and resistant at the same time in order to avoid any breakage. It also has a further characteristic: it is waterproof even without the aid of surface treatments.

Another material reinforced with glass fibers is the Windform LX 2.0 that can be considered the excellent entry level with general characteristics, at a very good value.

Windform LX 2.0 is the best compromise and it represents excellent quality at good value. Especially when the variable costs are crucial and a reliable material is necessary.

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