Wisamic 3D Printer Heating Controller MKS MOSFET for Heatbed Extruder MOS Module Exceed 30A Support Big Current

Function: control hot bed, print head heating
Power Supply: 12V-24V
Weight: 127g

How to use?
1. Connect power to power source, please note the anode and cathode.
2. Connect hotbed to heated wire , please note the anode and cathode.
3. Connect digital control signal to Gnd,D8.
4. Connect the control signal of Ramps1.4 or MKS MOSFET to -Bed+
5. Choose one signal group to connect.

Package content:
1 x MOS module

-It can only choose 3 OR 4 signal group .
-Pay attention to polarity.

Product Features

  • Extra large heat sink, the maximum current can be up to 30A or more.
  • Superior performance of MOSFET (Max 280A).
  • Can use hot bed output signal of Ramp1.4 and MKS series to control.
  • Can use digital signal of 5-24v to control.
  • Functional test has been conducted on each unit.

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