Zomiee 3D Printer Tool Kit, 3D Print Removal Tool Set (Pack of 5Pcs)

Stainless steel blades with handles, light and easy to grab
Handle Size: Approx. 10*1.7cm / 3.9*0.67inch (L*W)
Blade Length: Approx. 3.6-9cm / 1.4-3.5inch
Material: Stainless steel (blade)
Handle Color: Wood color

Package included:
5 x 3D Print Removal Knife

Product Features

  • 1. This set of 5pcs palette knife / painting spatula is great removal tool for 3D printing artists. Works well with all 3D printer models that use ABS or PLA filament
  • 2. An essential addition to your 3D Printer Tool Kit. Rounded edge is safer and less likely to tear print bed tape. Speeds removal of parts from print bed. Useful to pop prints off the bed, and to scrape off stuck-on plastic.
  • 3. A great tool to go with your 3D printer — the long, flexible blade is rounded, making it safer for kids, effective with large printed items, and minimizes damage to the printing surface.
  • 4. The thin blade is a convenient feeler gauge for setting a consistent gap between the nozzle and print bed. If you have been tramming (leveling) your heated print bed with a piece of paper, your fingers will thank you!
  • 5. The thicker neck is useful for removing rafts and for trimming off supports.

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